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The Joy Challenge

My friend Shawna, another oily momma, challenged our group of oilers to put Joy on our heart for a week straight. Challenge accepted! Today is Day 1! I am in love with Joy but that has not always been the case. I first pulled it out of the starter kit and took a big whiff, […]

Feeeed Me

So we have hit the six month mark. Sad times. . . Baby H is growing up. She is going for her six month appointment on Wednesday of this week but we are already talking about starting solids. She has been completely breastfed up to this point. She does show quite a bit of interest […]

Back to School Second Saturday

Hey y’all!! We had our August Second Saturday!! This time we skipped some of our preplanned list and threw in a Back to School themed party. August is such a hectic time with summer break ending and being thrown back into the routine and the struggle of new teachers and new learning objectives. Aspen is […]

Put a little Joy on your heart

So yesterday as I was picking up my little ones from daycare one of the teachers said to me “I want to look like you! You have a sexy (no I am not gay) body! I can’t believe you look this great after a baby!” It threw me off! The no I am not gay […]