Archives for March 2015

Spring is HERE!!!

Today is so EXCITING! Today is the first day of Spring. I even celebrated by wearing a dress. . . with heels. . .pigs must be flying somewhere. But I can’t help it, it is gorgeous and the promise of flowers, chipping birds, trips to the zoo, relaxing on the beach, music festivals, and I can go […]

Happy Thieves

Thieves has been a lifesaver in this household! Let me tell you! Germies going around at school? No fear. Need to clean your house with something non-toxic? You got it. Want to kick up your toothpaste game? Oh yes, that too! We use Thieves in so many different ways. My first experience with Thieves was […]

I Love Frank

I may have a secret crush. (Not so much of a secret if I am putting it out there on the interwebs.)  I am in love with a little bottle of oil, Frankincense essential oil to be exact. Who knew that the same stuff the wise men presented baby Jesus would be sitting on my […]

Pepperminty Freshness

Oh how I love peppermint. When I started my oil journey I was nursing and this one was on the no-no list because it could cause a decrease in supply. That cut quite a few of the blends out as well. You wouldn’t believe how many blends have peppermint in them. Sigh. But at the […]