About Me

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Hey all, I’m Meredith! Welcome to my little slice of the blogging world, Happily Oiled After! I am happy you have found your way to me!

So I suppose you are here at the About Me page to hear a little snippet about my life. So I suppose I will share it with you!

Pre-marriage years:

Born to two pretty fabulous parent and grew up in Indiana, go Hoosiers!! Graduated in 2000 and did a short stint at Ball State University then moved to Florida with the whole fam! Decided to join the Florida National Guard with my lil’ bro and did a year tour in Iraq. Then got responsible and got a job. BOO. But I met the fab Jason (J for short) and moved pretty quickly down the love lane!


The bro and me on the way to Iraq.

Post-marriage years:

The Big Day

J and I got married with all of our friend and family present in a low-key wedding on the beach! It was gorgeous! We had about a year and a half of being free until little Aspen (Big A) made her debut. What a chaotic 2 years! She is crazy, daring and strong-willed! Then a year ago we found out we were pregnant AGAIN! (Along with 5 of our friends!!! I swear it was in the water.) Now we have our precious little Haven with us. Our two little girls are amazing and we could not be any happier!! (We have probably lost some sanity along the way though.)


Happily Oiled After:

I grew up in a pretty healthy and active family. We ate from a garden the majority of our adolescent years. Doritos were a treat and the majority of our wellness procedures were being told to eat our vegetables and play outside. I did get a little crazy on the T Bell’s train when I was making my own money and had my own car. (I am actually eating T Bell’s now. . . .)  When J and I started living together I was astonished at the food he ate and the amount of OTC medicines in my cabinet. His eating habits and wellness practices were completely foreign to me! But what do you expect a bachelor, who doesn’t cook much and works 60 hours a week to eat? He can rock a pretty mean pizza on a hoagie bun and he can make true “Southern” sweet tea! HAHA haha . . . .ugh.

Once he hit 30 though, there was a definite decline. He was getting heartburn now and his allergies were flaring up more often. I hit 30 when I was pregnant and shortly after found that I had hypothyroidism and couldn’t for the life of me drop the baby weight. No wonder people fear turning 30!! I knew we needed to take some action on our health! We want to be around when our girls have babies and maybe even when those babies have babies! So we are hitting the ground running walking. Drastic change doesn’t go over well in our family so we are going to gradually change our habits and I am inviting you all along for the ride.

Warning: I cannot guarantee a smooth ride but at least it won’t be boring!

We are a little backwards.

We are a little backwards.