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Pain Pain Go Away

My dad will be so proud to read this. He gets so mad at my siblings and me when we are gathered around the table for a meal, no matter the occasion, no matter the conversation, we will find a way to bring the conversation around to gas, poop or other gross bodily functions. He […]

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Second Saturday

Last Saturday my friend Cathee, at Once Upon an Oil, and I hosted the first in our series of Second Saturdays. These informational classes allow the guests to learn a little about the oils and get the opportunity to make a product (or two) to take home with them. Our first class was for Summer […]

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Happy Fourth of July

It is the wee hours of the morning but we are up and watching Princess Sofia, all four of us in one small queen sized bed. So what is on the schedule for the wonderful birthday of America? Lots of relaxing and friends. My parents decided to visit my sister so we are confiscating their […]

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Brushing Up

Whenever you start looking at ways to get healthy or start a weight loss program you’ll read all about products that ‘help you start off right’. Every thing from colon cleanses to fasting to detoxing agents to . . . . whatever companies can sell you. BUT I am on this journey to living healthier, […]

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Slow and bumpy?

Our kit has finally arrived and we have decided to start SLOW. . .  (I did rush out and buy glass water bottles for myself and J.) So we began with the allergy trio for J. Seems reasonable, right? WRONG! J has major allergy problems with grass, pollen, air, and pretty much anything in nature. […]

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And so it begins. . .

Here we are, day one, the beginning of the beginning. . . But first let me go back to where it all started and how I got to this place. Be prepared. . .it’s a long one. About 4 months ago I posted on the good ol’ Facebox that I was having troubles getting my […]

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