I Love Frank


I may have a secret crush. (Not so much of a secret if I am putting it out there on the interwebs.)  I am in love with a little bottle of oil, Frankincense essential oil to be exact. Who knew that the same stuff the wise men presented baby Jesus would be sitting on my counter in my bathroom?! Frankincense has some pretty swell uses. I have used it for everything from wrinkles to headaches. My favorite is using it during a time of reflection or yoga. The smell is earthy and spicy. Plus the whole process of extracting the resin from the trees is sustainable! This is because where the trees grow, the village that surrounds the area has had exclusive rights to harvest the resin. They know precisely when to stop shaving off so they can allow the tree to heal.

Frankincense copy

Here are some really awesome ways you can incorporate it into your daily routine.

Uses: “The Holy Anointing Oil”, for spiritual renewal and clear radiant spiritual awareness, promotes meditation, sunspots, acne and oily skin, complexion, wrinkles, blisters, brittle nails, warts, cysts, cuts and scrapes, nervousness, sore muscles, headaches, stretch marks, stress and anxiety, immune booster, visualizing, centering, focus the mind, improves attitude and uplifts spirit

Apply 2-4 drops neat on location; apply on chakras and/or Vita Flex points. Inhale directly or diffuse. Take as a dietary supplement with a carrier oil 1:1.



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